• Once you are a paid Fort Wayne Photo Club member, you can register and sign into our special competition and Critique Corner website,  When you have entered the site, in the upper right corner you will see 4 gray rectangles.  Click on the first one, Members.
  • The site is slow, so be patient with it.  On the Members page, you will see four oval circles on the upper left side.  Click on the last blue one that says Critique Corner.  You are now in Critique Corner.  Critique Corner is for you to get help with photos that you are not sure what the image is missing or what it needs to be better.  Other photographers will give their comments about your photo, and you can ask questions about their suggestions.  While you are in the site, read the comments on other photos.  It is a great way to learn what makes a great photo and what detracts from a winning photo.  

Now to decide what you want to do:

  • To view images and comment Click on the big blue oval circle on the top left, “Click Here to View and Comment on Critique Corner Images”.  Here you will see all the images in Critique Corner. Click on an individual image to see what the comments are on that image.  You can also add a constructive comment.  When finished looking at the images, click on the large blue rectangle “return to view all images”.  
  • To upload your image to Critique Corner (once you are in Critique Corner), click on the green rectangle on the upper right, “Click here to upload or change your Critique Corners Entries”.  Then open your folder on your computer where you have pictures available to upload.  Do not use the “drag your files” option, as it does not work reliably.  You can only have one photo in Critique Corner at a time.  If the image is accepted, you will then have the option of entering a title of your image.  You can also add your comments/details of your image or to ask for recommendations to make the image better.
  • Troubleshooting:  It is possible when you upload that you will get an error message that your file is too big, or the sizing is not correct.  Your image is then “not submitted” and shows up as a grey square with an “X” through it.  If you hover your mouse over the “X” you will see what is wrong.  Images cannot be larger than 1920 x 1200 with a 2mb total file size (for competitions, a minimum of 1920 x 1200 and a 3mb file size limit is allowed).  If you get the error message you must fix the file size in your software and upload again.  Sizing issues?  Please contact Brenda at
  • To change or delete your image in Critique Corner, click on the green rectangle on the upper right, “Click here to upload or change your Critique Corners Entries”.  Then you will need to click on the blue “View/Edit Entries” rectangle.  This will bring up your image where you can then click on the red rectangle underneath your image, “Remove”.  This brings you back to the page where you can upload a new image or exit Critique Corner.  You must first delete your current image before you can upload a new one.   Please delete your photo after 3 weeks time so we can keep Critique Corner fresh.  
  • To leave Critique Corner, you can use the Club logo circle on the top left to return to the Home page of the Club’s site.
  • Questions? Please contact Irene Aldrete at  Please put Critique Corner in the subject line of any emails.
  • Now go out there and have fun!!