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2017-2018 Monthly Winners

Month Theme Place Winner Club Voting
Sep. Digital Advanced Nature 1st Jon Ingleman 3rd place tie
    2nd Mike Iott  
    3rd Brenda Fishbaugh  
  After the Sun Sets 1st Bill Thum 1st place
    2nd Michael Samuels  
    3rd Mike Iott  
  Close Up/Macro 1st Jon Ingleman 3rd place tie
    2nd Brenda Fishbaugh 3rd place tie
    3rd Larry Kilgore  
  Open No Nature 1st Michael Samuels  
    2nd Larry Kilgore  
    3rd Denise McQuillan 2nd place
Sep. Digital Novice Nature 1st Samantha Smith  
    2nd Brian VanDeKeere  
    3rd Steve Sarrazine  
  After the Sun Sets 1st Samantha Smith  
    2nd Sarah Pringle  
    3rd Shirlee Reeves  
  Close Up/Macro 1st Steve Sarrazine 2nd place
    2nd Samantha Smith  
    3rd Sarah Pringle  
  Open No Nature 1st Sarah Pringle 1st place
    2nd Steve Sarrazine 3rd place tie
    3rd Brian VanDeKeere 3rd place tie
Oct. Digital Advanced Nature 1st Judy Whitton 3rd place
    2nd Jon Ingleman  
    3rd Forrest Van Gundy  
  Composing with Light 1st Jon Ingleman 2nd place
    2nd Michael Samuels 1st place
    3rd Don Gagnon  
  Depth of Field 1st Sharmalene Gunawardena  
    2nd Don Gagnon  
    3rd Michael Samuels  
  Open No Nature 1st Larry Kilgore  
    2nd Forrest Van Gundy  
    3rd Jim Wulpi  
Oct Digital Novice Nature 1st Linzie Tuck 2nd place tie
    2nd Brian Sirois 3rd place tie
    3rd Brenda Jones  
  Composing with Light 1st Samatha Smith  
    2nd Sarah Pringle  
    3rd Jim Derbyshire 3rd place tie
  Depth of Field 1st Samatha Smith 3rd place tie
    2nd Linzie Tuck  
    3rd Shirlee Reeves 2nd place tie
  Open No Nature 1st Shirlee Reeves 1st place
    2nd Sarah Pringle  
    3rd Samatha Smith