Wed, May 5@ 6pm Note different day, time and link! You must register ahead! Famous Photography Trainer Matt Kloskowski birding workshop! 

Join Matt for a 75 minute live webcast on improving your bird photography for photographers of all levels. You’ll even get a free PDF “Bird Photography Field” guide, that you can keep on your phone, for a quick reference while out shooting. In this webcast, we’ll talk about how bird photography can be one of the hardest types of photography, but also incredibly rewarding to have a fun look into one of natures most interesting animals. During this session we’ll dive into the various gear, tips, tricks and settings to help make your bird photos stand out from the crowd. You’ll even learn some photo editing tips to help with light, noise and distractions, so that you end up with beautiful razor sharp bird photos to share. You must sign up here–it is sponsored by Sony–you will get a recording afterwards.


Tues May 18 @ 7pm–Lawrence Gaskill–Our own Club member will present “Night Photography”.  This workshop is to prepare us for several night photo shoots together as a Club and get us ready for the July “At Night” competition! 


Tues, May 25 @ 7pm––“Intro to Bird Photography” taught by an incredible 19 year old photographer, Cameron Darnell, from South Carolina!  Check out his work at His photography is jaw dropping! Sponsored by Hunt’s!  


Tues June 1@7pm-Award-winning photographer and trainer Mollie Isaacs–ABSTRACTS WITH IMPACT 

Join Mollie for a journey into the creativity and excitement of Abstract Photography. Abstracts are the poetry of photography. It allows you to soar to new heights and discover new pathways to enhance your photographic skills. Abstracts allow you to incorporate line, shape, form, and color to create images that are unique and artistic. And it allows you to be completely free of rules or restrictions.

This program will show you how to find abstract subjects, plus how to create beautiful images from ordinary things you see every day. You will be taken step-by-step through the creative process. You will see the basic scene or subject, and then the resulting abstract image. You will learn how to find abstract subjects in a variety of subjects including cars, water, birds, flowers, landscapes, glassware, and more.

Mollie Isaacs is a professional photographer who specializes in Nature, Wildlife, Flowers, and Abstracts. She is passionate about photography, and loves nothing more than to share that passion by teaching others. Early in her career she studied with Ansel Adams and Joyce Tenneson. She has won the Kodak Gallery Award 14 times, considered by some to be the “Oscar” of photography. Her work is in the Permanent Collection of the International Photography Hall of Fame, and has been exhibited at Epcot Center in Disney World, and Grand Central Terminal in NYC. She runs Awake The Light Photo Workshops & Tours, offers online Webinars, and personally leads photo workshops around the country and beyond. Read more about her and see her work on  


Tues June 15 @ 7pmLong Exposure–Kris Gay–get ready for our Club competitions using long exposure for July competitions–our “At Night” and “Water” topics


Tues July 13 @ 7pm NEW! Local street photographer  DJ E-Clyps is going to share his process that landed him a startling show at Artlink (just completed).  DJ is also a professional musician and a lot to say through his art.  We hope DJ will lead a street photography meet up after our workshop.  


Tues August 2 @7pm--Korey Hart–18 year old photographer will give us insights on “Woodland Photography”.  His work is incredible!  Sponsored by Hunt’s!