jim Wulpi - Stairwell Abstract

There are 4 “competitions” in each “collection” every month.  In addition, there is an Advanced collection or a Novice collection you can enter.  It’s your choice but you can only enter Novice or Advanced.  If you enter Novice, you may be asked to move to Advanced if your photos are fabulous. 

Nature – Using PSA rules

Revolving Category –anything accepted that fits the topic  

Revolving Category—anything accepted that fits the topic

Open (Cannot qualify as a PSA Nature Photo)—anything but PSA nature is accepted, can be a nature photo that has been manipulated more than PSA allows

Here are the Revolving Categories that close the first of each month at 10pm EST.

OctoberBirds, Calm
 NovemberWoodlands; Macro
 DecemberStreet Photography; Emotion
 JanuaryTextures; Minimalism
 FebruaryShadows; Cityscapes
 March Lines and Angles; Drama
 April  Rain or snow; Silhouettes
 MayAdorable; Patterns
June Overhead; HDR
JulyPanorama; Night
August Year End competition—you choose your favorite FOUR photos entered this season in any category in any competition.  They can be all nature, all Open, from revolving categories, or a mix. Your choice!

Year End Awards—at a September year-end banquet, we will award the August Advanced winners with cash.  There will be prizes for Pointscore winners, who have accumulated points throughout the competitions.  On your Member page, click Pointscore, then choose Novice or Advanced to see where you are ranked.  The total is accumulative through August.  

The digital imaging competition chair reserves the right to reject any print or digital file that is deemed not to qualify for the category/theme in which it is entered.  The chair has the right to disqualify images that are deemed in poor taste or are not family friendly.  Questions?  Email Digital@FWPhotoClub.com