Fort Wayne Photographers Club
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Brian Tombaugh began his photojournalism career in 1984 at The Journal (now The Morning Journal) in Lorain, Ohio, covering a five county area just west of Cleveland, as well as assignments in Cleveland. In 1987 Brian was Honorable Mention for Ohio News Phototgrapher of the Year. In 1990 he joined the photo staff of The News-Sentinel in Fort Wayne, Indiana. He served as Director of Photography there from 2005 until 2010. He was the photo editor for several book projects at the News-Sentinel, including Allen County Photo Album: 1852-1954 in 2008, and Allen County Photo Album: 1955-1959 in 2009. Brian was a member of the Knight Ridder Newspaper Talent Bank, 1993-2006, for Macintosh and automation solutions, and consulted with many Knight Ridder newspapers regarding digital photo editing and workflow. Between 2003-2005 he taught Beginning 35mm film Photography; Beginning Digital; and Adobe Photoshop Elements classes at the Fort Wayne Community Center. Since 2012 Brian has worked for Apple Inc. doing technical support for Apple products. Brian has been involved with the Club as a judge for over 25 years now.

“Do you have any digital images that you really like - but were disappointed in how they did in judging? Let’s talk about them! Maybe there was an alternate crop or an image correction that could have been done to improve the photo. For our April 16th Workshop we will talk about these pictures. Choose up to 3 of your images and email me BOTH the original unedited jpeg photo AND the image as you turned in for Club judging (exactly as you did it for Club: same crop, toning, file size etc.) I will work the unedited image up with the crop and toning as I see it - then at the workshop we will look at both images and talk about them. While there are no absolute rules to edit the pictures, we will make some suggestions for you. Rename the photos 1_yourname_club.jpg for the club version of the picture, and 1_yourname_raw.jpg for the unedited version of the picture, changing the number in the file name for each of your 3 photos. In order to make sure that we critique photos from everyone we will go through all of the photo number 1’s, then all of the number 2’s and then the number 3’s if we have time - so number your photos in the order you want to get them critiqued. Please email the photos by March 15th to:brian.tombaugh@gmail.com