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There will be two classes for competitions, a Novice Class and an Advanced Class. The Novice Class is meant to encourage members who are beginner/intermediate photographers to compete and hone their skills. This will provide a competition that may be more comfortable, and against other photographers of like skill levels.
The guide lines for the Novice Class are as follows:
1. To be eligible for the Novice class, you must consider yourself to be at the beginning level, with little or no competition experience. The Executive Board reserves the right to advance you to the Advanced class if they deem your work belongs there, or you can advance yourself at any time. 
2. Categories will be the same as Advanced Class.
3. Once you have moved to the Advanced Class, you may not return to the Novice Class.
4. If a novice moves to the Advanced Class by his/her own decision, or at the boards discretion, all images entered that year, whether in the novice or advanced class, must be entered into year-end competitions in the advanced class.


1. To be eligible for club competition, a club member’s annual dues shall have been paid on or before October 1st of the competition season. Subsequent to October 1st, new and past members are eligible to compete upon payment of their dues. The club treasurer shall give the competition committees a list of members whose dues are paid on October 1st.
2. Only club members in good standing may vote in club competition.
3. All entries must be presented to the competition committee at least 15 minutes before meeting time.
4. The print or digital imaging competition officers reserve the right to reject any print or digital file that is deemed not to qualify for the theme in which it is entered or be in good taste.
5. Any entry using a computer to enhance or manipulate the image must contain only the maker’s images. 
6. Three judges will be used with two judges coming from outside the club and one from club membership if possible except for annual competition at which time all three judges will be from outside the club. Judging will be by electronic instrument. The judges total score for each print or slide shall be announced to the club. The judges will determine first, second, and third place finishers in each theme.
7. First, second, or third place theme winners in either print or digital monthly competitions CANNOT be re-entered in any future club competition except in that year’s annual judging. (see item 8) Once an image places in the top three, it may NOT be submitted again in any format during that same year (other than year-end ) Any image placing in the top three may be submitted in a different format in a following season.
8. All prints and digital images entered in club competition during the current competition year will be eligible for the year-end judging for Print-of-the-Year or Digital Image of the Year. However an individual can only enter a maximum of 12 images in prints, and 12 images in digital. The annual competition will be judged by three outside judges. Unless modified by the current board, each competition will have a first, second and third place with approximately ten honorable mentions. The first three places will receive awards amounting to $50 for first, $30 for second and $20 for third place finishers. There will be no ties.

The following will be applied to the NATURE category. PLEASE READ CAREFULLY.: Nature photography is defined as the use of the photographic process to depict a subject in its natural setting. Human elements may not be present. Zoo animals, as well as domesticated plants/flowers may be entered in nature categories provided there is NO hand of man visible. This would include fencing, landscaping, (mulch, mown grass, etc.), house siding, lattice, etc. Nature images may now be used to interpret any category other than Open-No Nature. Small amounts of digital manipulation are now allowed in order to REMOVE hand-of-man objects. Nothing is allowed to be ADDED to the image that was not already there. For instance, if you have a lovely scenic, but there is a split-rail fence or a trail going through the image, you may remove that object and clone brush, grass, etc that is already in close proximity. You may NOT move objects within an image for esthetic purposes. Also, if you had a lovely scenic, the sky is overcast, dull, etc. you may NOT add a beautiful blue, cloud-filled sky in its place. SMALL amounts of removal are allowed. NO ADDITION is allowed.

Special considerations for Print and Projected images competitions are as follows:


a. A label, attached to the back of the print mount at the upper left-hand corner (as you look at the back of the mounted print), should show the competition date, entrant’s name, print title, and competition theme along with either Advanced or Novice Class, using this label:
Competition Label
Click HERE to get a page of labels in PDF format.
b. The print entered in competition must have been photographed by the entrant; however, all finishing (negative and print) and/or mounting of the print may be done by other persons.
c. Each member may enter one print in each of 3 of the 4 categories. (See item 8 above regarding re-entering.)
d. Print sizes shall be a maximum of 72 inch perimeter. There are no minimum limits on size.
e. Prints must be mounted on mount boards which may be of any size up to a maximum of 72 inches in perimeter. Mounting boards should be of a lightweight material, such as cardboard or foamboard. FRAMED prints are not allowed and will be disqualified.
f. Club members will select Print-of-the-Month, second and third places from the first, second and third place finishers based on the judging results. Awards will be given to each Print-of-the-Month winner. In the event of a tie for Print-of-the-Month duplicate awards will be given.


a. Members may submit one entry each in 3 of the 4 categories in Digital.
b. File type: jpeg
c. Longest axis: no longer than 1600 pixels. Click HERE for a helpful guide on how to prepare your images.
d. Color space: sRGB
e. Manner of submission: USB flash drive. If you do not delete the files from the USB flash drive after each competition, you must place each competitions files into a single folder using the month entered as the folder name.
f. How to label files: Class, category number, (space), First Name, (space), Last Name (.extension) Do not use any characters such as an asterisk, comma, period, dash, underscore, slash or parenthesis in the file name.
(Advanced) A2 Jane Smith.jpg
(Novice) N3 John Smith.jpg
g. Club members will vote for Image of the Month from first, second and third place images in each theme as determined by the judges. Awards will be given to each Image of the Month winner. In the event of a tie for Image-of-the-Month, duplicate awards will be given.
For details on the longest dimension / 1600 pixel rule, click HERE.

Year end competitions use a different naming convention. There are no categories, and you can have up to 12 entries, so you just number your entries 1 through 12 (assuming you have 12). For example: "A1 John Doe.jpg", "A2 John Doe.jpg", "A3 John Doe.jpg". etc. If you are in the novice class, use N instead of A. Note that every year end entry must have been submitted sometime previously this club year, but it doesn't matter if it placed or not.